First Time in Central America

As is the case with all the places we will be going to, we’ve never been to Central America.  We’ve done some homework on vaccinations, currency, local slang, political stability, and things like that so hopefully we have prepared ourselves well enough for the things that can get in the way – so we can focus on the things that will make our trip enriching.

There is a small chance we’ll visit the Northern part of Panama while in Central America but we’re still working on the details of that.

It’s amazing how much information is out there on the topic of travel – on any topic, really.  Until you become interested in something, it almost exists “elsewhere”.  But when you tune into a topic and really pursue information on it, you find out that there are endless amounts of information from various sources and types of sources.   Sifting through all of it is a necessary process that can lead you to feel overwhelmed.  It takes a while to figure out what information is valuable and what is just fodder; what information you are going to reference time and time again and what is just for one-time use.