Coffee, coffee, and more coffee

So, we spent the whole week in the coffee field and that’s probably about as much coffee picking as we care to do in one lifetime. It’s easy but sometimes gets a little boring. This week we cooked all of our meals in our cabin to 1) explore some new fruits and vegetables and 2) save a little money. We’ve been making a lot of plantains, chayote, ginger/lemongrass tea right out of the garden, and a few other things that we can’t yet spell.

Every day is unique in its own little adventurous way. When you’re not anchored to anything, your sense for the passage of time is skewed and nothing is “normal” or “routine”.

Just in the normal course of a day, we learn so much from the farm boss and farm owner. We’ve learned that papaya is not only a delicious way to stimulate digestion but you can also 1) grind up the dried seeds to make pepper and 2) use the inner side of the peel to treat a sunburn. Good stuff. One of the most important things we are learning is to make the most of what is already available to you and waste nothing.