Exploring The City & The Coast

So, we spent the past couple weeks exploring the city, doing a lot of walking, a lot of public transportation and enjoying the luxuries we have here that we didn’t have on the coffee farm. The smallest things – like a proper kitchen, having a grocery store nearby, or a coffee maker – sometimes make the biggest difference.

We have met some very interesting people here, from all over the world, doing very different and interesting things with their lives. It’s been great because some of them have already been to some of the countries we will be visiting; so they are able to give us some priceless advice and guidance.

But one of the biggest highlights of our trip was the week we spent driving around the Nicoya penninsula. We rented a car and headed Northwest and drove down the coast….beach hopping, driving through fords (temporary rivers), driving through mountains, getting lost, seeing horses and cows. Did we mention the beaches?