Off To The Land Of Wine And Sea Bass

Peru has been amazing! We stayed in what might be considered a suburb of the capitol city of Lima. The food was inspiring, always fresh, and unreasonably cheap. The national beverage, Pisco Sour, was delicious – kind of like a margarita but with a grape liquor and the froth of a blended egg white. The pastries were more like what we are accustomed to in the states. Oh, and we finally found good cheese. The pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods were very charming – each house with its own flare whether it be the ornate fencing or a very unique (and bright) color. Although the cars and buses are NOT so pedestrian-friendly.

We are a little disappointed that we did not get to visit Machu Picchu because of the damaging rain they had a couple weeks ago. But that does not compare to the disappointment of the people that live near there or the people that were visiting when it happened. Everything happens for a reason. We’ll just have to come back again some day.

Some of the highlights of our visit would have to be: The adventure of ordering food when you have no idea what you just ordered – even though you translated it. Being on Peruvian television. Eating the freshest ceviche. Saving a blind man’s life. Spending Valentine’s day in another country. Watching reggae bands perform. The amazing photo opps. Grocery shopping……that’s always an adventure. Walking around at any time, day or night, and feeling safe. Eating, reading, and talking on the roof top every other night.

If you ever visit Lima, Peru we highly recommend staying in Miraflores. It’s a bit tourist-driven but that’s mostly on the main drag close to the coast. If you venture a block or two on any side street, you’ll get a true, local experience. We’ll even recommend a great place to stay – it’s not a hostal – for $12 a night.

We’re off to Chile now to check out some wine country, fresh seafood, museums, and whatever else we find there.