Transatlantic Relaxation

We were finding flights from S. America to Spain to be really expensive so We did some research and were lucky to book a cruise that would take us from Brazil to Portugal. So, we saved money and enjoyed a very relaxing, fun, food-filled cruise for 2 weeks.

Kind of a long story…..but we had quite an adventure getting to the port city of Santos, Brazil – South of Sao Paulo. Our travels now consist of trains, planes, automobiles, buses and boats – oh, and a cable car.

We spent a lot of time relaxing (sleeping), eating, visiting a few port stops along the way, and just enjoying the ocean views. Rio de Janeiro was our first port stop but it was flooded due to excessive rain; so they wouldn’t let anyone off the boat. We did see some dolphins somewhere off West Africa, a hint of a whale, and did a lot of shopping on the Canary islands.