Marrakech, Morocco

We just finished a very hot 5-day trip to Marrakech, Morocco and that seemed like just enough for a first-time visit.

Our hotel was located 30 km South of Marrakech – at the foot of the Atlas mountains. The morning sunrises and evening sunsets were amazing. The mid part of the days were so hot that all you could do was get into the pool to cool off. The hotel was like a large, quiet oasis way out in the countryside; decorated with a lot of Moroccan drapery, ornate lanterns, and rugs – very beautiful.

The main square in the old part of Marrakech can be a little crazy and overwhelming. The narrow streets are a colorful labyrinth, lined with countless souks selling every type of spice, shoes, kaftans, lanterns, leather, jewelry – anything you can imagine – and ready to make a serious bargain with you. All day you will hear, “Come see! Just for looking, not for buy.” But you must be ready to bargain for anything that you’ve shown even remote interest. In addition to pedestrian traffic you might find yourself directly in the path of a motorbike or donkey pulling a wide cart. By the way, the employment rate for donkies in Morocco seems to be at a healthy 100%.

We had seen TV shows on Marrakech before but you really have to experience it for yourself to understand what it is everyone likes and doesn’t like about it. The food is very inspiring; rich with all types of spices. Tanjine cooking is similar to crock pot cooking but tastes about 1,000 times better. If you do visit Marrakech, just say “no” to anyone offering to show you to a tannery. We’ve read stories and heard first-person accounts of the….unique odor in the air…..the less-than-kind approach…..and the method in which you might get entrapped in a smelly old tannery. UGH! So, we avoided that like the plague. We would definitely like to return some day and spend a little more time and money in all the souks.