This could only be fun. Pros: Hack that browser and make it your bitch. Cons: Create yet another scenario where only you, the Developer, has an error-free experience on your web project.

Swift Programming Language

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype – especially when it comes to any Apple product or OS release – so I’m trying to curb my enthusiasm about this.  Although, at first blush, it does look and “feel” so much more familiar than Objective C.  Is this Apple saying, “We were doing it wrong….

Gremlin JS

Monkey test your web applications with Gremlin JS.

Conditioner JS

A javascript library for loading and unloading behavior based on environment conditions. Conditioner.js is both useful and intelligent. Mimics media queries to deliver content based on screen size. Can also wait until content is on-screen to show. IE8+.

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons

This one needs very little explanation.  Get some SVG-driven social buttons for you responsive site:

Zurb Foundation Interchange

Foundation 5 is available and that’s great.  This framework only gets better with each release.  One specific feature I want to highlight is the Interchange feature they have for responsive content.  They offered this in their 4.2 release nearly a year ago but I haven’t worked with the Foundation framework for a while…am only now…

jQuery imgBBQ Plugin

Time for some shameless self promotion.  I bring you, imgBBQ (Images Beyond Basic Queries). RWD is great but let’s go beyond basic CSS media queries and give some love to the reality of varying connection speeds, mobile, and displays with high pixel density (Retina, etc). Read more about it and see some demos.

Twitter typeahead.js

Not new but newly added to my list of “must haves”.  Works on IE 7+ and modern browsers.  This is a highly-customizable and all around awesome way to query data objects.  Doesn’t depend on Bootstrap but plays nicely with it.  See the demos and download it at

Snap JS

I used this for the first time in a recent project and it did exactly what it promised.  Snap JS is a library-independent, highly-customizable javascript plug-in that allows you to easily add beautiful mobile shelves to your web project.

Dust by LinkedIn

Asynchronous templates for the browser and node.js.  That pretty much says it all.  Check out DustJS if you’re open to a new JS template experience.